hello, i’m here.

this blog is started with the intention of being an active participant in the world around me, a documentation of my own figuring out and processing of the intertwining threads of Beauty and Truth, a way of reaching out and connecting with someone else.

i am interested in healing, community-building and visioning through the act of creation, i love storytelling, making, weaving & mending (from handmade clothes to short home documentaries, from cooking and moving to writing and scrapbooking)

in this space, i hope for the personal & political to intertwine, “political” being nothing more than orienting your own place in the larger world, realising that your inclinations, desires, habits, behaviours, hopes and dreams are intrinsically intertwined with that of those around you, affected by communities, positionalities, and environments, shaped by the air you breathe and the view directly outside your window. i hope for here to be a space for pausing, feeding & tending to the (my) inward garden even as we (i) want to bravely participate in and engage in the world around us.

i’m not sure how it will look like yet, but to borrow a line, we’ll grow as we go.


esther is a Singapore-based Lit Major in her final year of college. Some of her old (or newer) endeavours include: freelance photography and videography, social media marketing and content creation, teaching photography and design to children, working in a community arts organisation with children and youth, mending and sewing her own clothes, and opening a small instagram shop selling secondhand gems.


Our Artisanship Project

A 3-part short documentary series on weavers and artisans in Northern Thailand and Cambodia, exploring the role of craft and creativity in creating community, forming healthy relationships with the environment, and supporting the economic livelihood of women.